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The world has very rapidly taken a transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Because of its huge perks as compared to the former ways of marketing. Google Ads offer startups a powerful tool to reach their target audiences. To drive traffic to their websites and reach the ultimate goal which is increasing conversions. Google is arguably the most powerful advertising platform on the planet.

Digital marketing is a smarter way of marketing your business, products or any message digitally using Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

In today’s digital landscape Google Ad is one of the most important and vital advertising tool.  Let us try to understand it:

What is Google Ads?  

Google Ads is an advertising platform of Google itself which is one of the largest search engines. That has a lobal reach of 8.5 billion searches per day.  It enables businesses to run ads on Google’s search results pages, websites within the Google display network, Youtube Videos, and other Google-affiliated programs. 

 Throuhg google Ads is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model which is one of the types of digital marketing models apart from social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Pay per click advertising is a model that charges when someone clicks the ad thus, named as “Pay per click”.

Google Ads for startups is a great tool as Google always acts like a librarian and keeps a track of everything people around the world click. As well as search and browse and uses this information to help startups tailor their ads. And find the relevant audience to generate conversions.

What is the utilization of Google Ads for startups?

Google Ads for Startups offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities to enhance visibility, attract new customers, and drive business growth. There are many pros for using Google ads as a marketing tool for any startup: 

  • It is a cost effective mechanism as compared to traditional marketing strategies.
  • Startups can track and keep record of their audiences and the real time statistics of users. This statistics are behaving towards their business advertisement. This is something which is very hard to achieve with traditional or conventional marketing methods.
  • It offers multiple ways or platforms where startups can place their ads. Like websites, Youtube, search engine, gmail, apps, google maps and google display network.
  • Startups can use specific keywords and check what monthly average searches they are getting over a span of one year. And also use that information to target the search terms used by the audience around the world to show them their ads.
  • It allows startups to show their ads in specific locations and regions.

How Startups can get most out of Google Ads and How Google Ads Work?

There are different types of ads that startups can run using Google’s extensive platform: These types are:

    1. Google Search Ads: These are the ads that appear as a result of search queries in the google search engine results and a small “sponsored” tag is placed to distinguish it from other search results.
    2. Google Shopping Ads: These are the ads that are suitable for the e-commerce business. They are different from search ads as they contain images and some features of the products.
    3. Google Display Ads: These are the ads that appear on the website around the border of the pages in the form of a banner. And startups can easily showcase their message using this type of ad.
    4. Video Ads: Startups can use videos to advertise about their business and these ads appear on Youtube, Google display network and other video ecosystems of Google.
    5. App ad campaigns: Startups can advertise their apps across Google’s network with these types of ad campaigns.
    6. Google Discovery ad: These ads appear on Discover, Youtube and Gmail and startups can use their unique selling points to push people to buy their services or products.

Steps to using Google Ads for Startups:

  • The first and the foremost step before running google ad is performing a thorough and detailed research about the business, the market, the target audience and the competitors already running sponsor ads on Google. 
  • The second step is to conduct a keyword research and find the best keywords that can be used in an ad campaign and the ads will be shown when those keywords will be searched by the audience using Google’s search engine.
  • The step to follow is the competitor analysis and find the competitors that are appearing either organically or by running sponsored ads.
  • Writing an effective ad copy and keeping the ad strength at excellent. Highlight the best USPs in the ad copy and keep the ad copy relevant to the content present on the website.
  • Choose the right bidding strategy for your ad campaign. And pair it up with the right keyword match type to get best results.
  • Optimization of the campaign on a daily basis by performing search term analysis and adding negative keywords.
  • Setting up conversion tracking to track the conversion events

Useful Tools To be used for Google Ads for Startups:

There are a number of online tools that can be used by the startups to achieve results:

Keyword Planner:  

To perform Keyword Analysis, check monthly average searches, bid amount etc.


To perform Keyword Analysis, check monthly average searches, bid amount etc.

Google Tag Manager:

To set and track conversion events

Google Analytics:

To analyze the audience falling on the landing page and identify the audience segments to be used for remarketing campaigns.

Page Speed Insight:

To check landing page performance. This helps to optimize one of the most important factors of ad success.

Microsoft Clarity:

To analyze the landing page performance and perform CRO.


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